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A Guide to transitioning to veganism

Rowena Humphreys


Hi and welcome to my guide for transitioning to a vegan diet - here are my top 10 tips for going vegan. I was delighted to present these in person at the V-Delicious Festival back in April.

If you'd like to work with me on a 1-2-1 basis, I can help you transition and sustain the changes with coaching sessions, supermarket tours, cooking sessions and meal planning. Get in touch at or find out more on my here


Rowena x

1.       Keep an open mind - you'll be learning lots and your brain will be working over time to take in all the information that's available. Keep an open mind, learn about all the different schools of thought and take time to form your own opinions

2.       Research - there's so much information out there. Below is a comprehensive list of where and what you can use for your research

3.       Support - with so many groups and people out there there's really no end of support no matter what your interests and drivers below are my favourites

4.       Experiment - there's so much variety of plants out there that there's really no reason to get bored. Experimentation is key and with over 10,000 plants eaten across the globe think of the journey as one towards abundance rather than restriction.

5.       Get a repertoire of 10 recipes - most people have 10 "go to" recipes, think about what yours are, switch in plant based equivalents where you can and take the opportunity to learn new ones

6.       Plan - it's helpful to plan meals and snack in advance, just until you get on your feet. Things will feel more natural as you go along

7.       Give up cheese - as an ex-cheese-a-holic myself this was though and this was the hardest for to stop eating. Think about the flavour profile of cheese which is fatty and salty and try and switch in foods that give you the same type of hit e.g. avocados (fatty) and olives/capers (salty). 

8.       Give your taste buds time - taste buds take about 21 days to completely regenerate and so let them adapt and even if you don't like something the first time, try going back and trying it again a few weeks later. Taste buds change so be patient. 

9.       Don't judge - it's easy to judge others for their choices, especially if they don't align with yours. Remember that you didn't always think the way you do now and so go easy on people. Say your truth and say how it is for you but don't expect others to agree. Messages are much easier for people to take on board when they are non-judgemental and from the heart.

10.   Go easy on yourself - you might mess up from time to time, treat it as a learning experience - we can't be perfect because we live in an imperfect world. Do the best that you can and be happy that you are continually moving in the right direction. 

Let me know how you go! More to come soon!

Rowena x